Whether you have translated your product technical data sheet in-house or paid for an outsourced translation, you need to be sure that there are no grammatical errors or punctuation mistakes.

Four eyes are better than two, so I offer a proofreading service for texts you have already translated.
Do not damage your reputation with a typo.
A proofreading does not cost (that) much, your reputation is priceless.

  • English>Italian
  • French>Italian
  • Spanish>Italian

Don’t see what you are looking for? I’m also part of a network of colleagues who can help you with other languages. Shoot me an e-mail!

  • Marketing, Corporate Communications, Transcreation, Advertising
  • Cosmetics, Beauty, Wellness
  • Tourism, Hospitality, Travel

Every project is unique and the quote depends on its specific characteristics (urgency, etc.).

Hence, conditions might apply.

1 hour proofreading/editing = €50