Launching your business in a new country involves meetings. A lot of meetings

And even though you're good at speaking Italian, what if you could communicate in English... Easier, huh?
By doing so, you'll grab every single detail, notably the implicit outcomes −often written in small letters at the end of a contract−.
A seasoned interpreter in your field will build bridges between you and your interlocutor. Don't see him/her as an expenditure but as
an investment and a valuable business partner.

I can help you communicate between English, French, Spanish and Italian to ensure that your audience always gets the message, whoever your listeners are.

Interpreting requires preparation time, terminology research and, in most cases, travel and accommodation.

When you get in touch about your event, I’ll need to know a bit about you and who you need to communicate with in order to provide a quote and organise everything.

Meetings and calls supported by a professional interpreter ensure that your message gets through the first time around.

Together, we create bridges between cultures.

  • English<>Italian
  • French<>Italian
  • Spanish<>Italian
  • Liaison
  • Consecutive
  • Conference call (Skype, etc.)
  • Marketing, Corporate communications, Advertising
  • Cosmetics, Beauty, Luxury
  • Tourism, Hospitality, Travel
  • In-house Training (technical, industrial, IT-related fields)
  • Conferences, events…

Every project is unique and the quote depends on its specific characteristics (technicity, deadline etc.).

Hence, the following princing details are indicative.

Interpreting fees are generally calculated on a half-day (if the mission takes places within 15-20 kms from my office) or per-day basis.

Interpreting during 4 hours, in-person meeting with your Italian partners – €400.

Interpreting during 8 hours, in-person meeting with your Italian partners – €600.

Interpreting as part of a 30-minute online conference call with your suppliers – €40.

Travel and accommodation expenses apply in most cases.

In order to prepare for your event, I will need as much information as possible about:

  • the delegates
  • the date
  • the location
  • and your objectives, as far in advance as is practical.