• Millions. Of. Words. That’s what I’ve translated so far and what now makes me feel accomplished and committed to getting your message acrossBut don’t just take my word for it.
  • I’ve studied my languages so intensively that I’m now bilingual in Spanish and English and virtually native in French (DALF C2 EU level).
  • I’m determination and curiosity-fuelled, and I never give up on a word or phrase until I find the perfect way to translate it into Italian. Have you got a translation challenge for me?
  • Benefit from 15+ years of wide-ranging corporate experience. With this know-how, I am able and honoured to contribute to the growth of your company and to your personal success.
  • Draw on my deep understanding of the countries, the cultures and the languages I know (French on top).

  • BA in Foreign Languages from the University of Rome (Italy)
  • Master’s degree in Translation from the University of Lille (France)
  • Member of the French Translators’ Association (SFT)
  • Member of the Italian Translators and Interpreters’ Association (AITI)
  • Teaching “Translation Project Management” at the University of Lille (France) – Master course
  • DALF C2 certificate in French (highest level of language)
  • Certificate of attendance for Copy 42 WEB and Copy 42 ADV—courses on professional copywriting delivered by professional copywriters
  • Helping worthy causes: pro-bono translations for Translators4Children
  • Pro-bono Translations for Progetto Melting Pot Europa
  • Pro-bono Translations for Edizioni SUR
  • Pro-bono Translations for MAMI

What all of this means:

I understand your goals, your message, I know what will and won’t work in Italy and how to create texts that grab your audience’s attention. This insight is what you need to make a real connection with your target market.

You invest time, effort and money in your company’s image.

It’s in safe hands with me.

  • Bachelor of Arts in Modern Languages and Literature, graduated with honours (translation into Italian) – University of Tor Vergata (Rome – Italy)
  • Master 1 in Multilingual Specialised Translation (into French) – University of Lille 3 (France) – Postgraduate specialisation in Liaison and consecutive interpreting – University of Lille 3 (France) – Postgraduate specialisation in Translation Project Management – University of Lille 3 (France)
  • SDL Trados 2011 courses -Intermidiate and Advanced- Proz.com
  • Tradurre l’arte culinaria: i menù (Translating the cooking art –The menus) – Webinar by Proz
  • E-learning course on literary and publishing translation. Workshop, course and exercises ES > IT by “La Matita Rossa” (Italy) – 12 weeks course.
  • Webmarketing course (10 webinars) – by Shaw Academy.
  • Online course on ponctuation and text analysis  by “La Matita Rossa” (Italy)
  • “Writing techniques for marketing translation and transcreation” by Alexandria Library
  • Marketing Magic: 10 Proven Techniques for Translators and Interpreters by ECPD Webinars
  • Italian morphology for translators by STL
  • Conferences and practical workshops on translation in the occasion of the Giornata del Traduttore (The Translator’s Day) 2016, an event organised by STL Formazione
  • Traduzione di testi finanziari: i mercati e gli strumenti di investimento (Financial translation: financial markets and investment tools) – Webinar by Proz
  • Conference on the subject “Réussir son installation en France” (Succeeding a company setup in France) – 1-day conference organised by SFT
  • Training course on translation in the luxury/cosmetics and perfume segment (1 day): Tradurre il profumo (Translating the perfume). Course by Sara Radaelli in cooperation with ANITI and AITI
  • Course and workshop on the translation of tourism-related texts (“Tradurre i testi turistici”) – Course by STL and Barbara Ronca
  • Tra copywriting e traduzione: la transcreation (Between copywriting and translation : transcreation) – Transcreation and creative translation course by Claudia Benetello organised by FUSP Fondazione San Pellegrino
  • Course on legal translation by Archomai “Contratto risolto, rescisso disdetto… è diverso?
  • Course by STL Formazione and Marco Cevoli: “Strategies, tools and tips for online research”
  • InDesign for everyone 4 courses by Langue & Parole
  • L’italiano in pubblicità (The Italian language in advertisements) 1-day seminar with TradInFo and Massimiliano Traschitti
  • SDL Trados course on the SDL Trados CAT (Computer Aided Translation Tool) 2017 Beginner and Intermediate level
  • Copy42 2017 Edition — 42 hours Copywriting course by Communication Agency Pennamontata
  • Transcreation course by Langue & Parole (in collaboration with transcreators Francesca Mazza and Chiara De Biaggio)
  • Professional Web Writing Course feat. Silvia Sola by Langue & Parole
  • Société Française des Traducteurs Professionnels’ consecutive interpreting note-taking strategy course
  • 2018 Italiano Corretto: a 2-days’ workshops and conferences programme on Italian language. With Mariarosa Bricchi, Federica Matteoli, Valentina Falcinelli, Carlo Gabardini, etc. By STL Formazione
  • Copy42 2018 Edition — 42 hours Copywriting course by Communication Agency Pennamontata
  • GDPR Course – By STL Formazione
  • Transcreation seminar in Bologna (Italy) with Claudia Benetello – Organised by A.I.T.I. (Association of Italian Interpreters and Translators)
  • Giornata del Traduttore 2018 (Translator’s Day) – Organised by STL Formazione & AlfaBeta Studio
  • PlayCopy 2019 by Pennamontata – 2-day conference and training on copywriting
  • Transcreation in-person course with Alessandra Martelli – Organised by AzTech Solutions
  • Giornata del Traduttore 2019 (Translator’s Day) – Organised by STL Formazione & AlfaBeta Studio
  • Specialised translation course “Tradurre la cosmesi” (Translating cosmetics) – Organised by Langue & Parole
  • Literary translation course “La Bottega di traduzione editoriale” by Barbara Ronca – Organised by STL Formazione
  • Literary translation online workshops (La palestra del traduttore 2020) – by STL Formazione
  • Post-Editing online course (Tecniche di post-editing per la traduzione automatica)
    – by STL Formazione
  • LinkedIn course for translators and interpreters (LinkedIn per traduttori e interpreti) – by STL Formazione
  • Copy42JOB 2020 (copywriting course) – by Pennamontata
  • Remote interpreting from home – by techforword
  • Content Marketing for LinkedIn – by Mirko Saini & Alessio Beltrami
  • Webinar on insights and perspectives on online fairtrade and events – by CCI Hauts de France & World Trade Center
  • Translating literature for young adults – with Valentina Daniele – course by STL Formazione
  • InDesign, 2-days course, by CEPRECO (France)
  • Liaison and sight interpreting 2-days course, by SFT
  • Translating children’s books, by STL Formazione
  • Transcreation and copywriting, 4 half-days course, by AITI
  • How to choose a book and introduce it to a publishing house, by STL Formazione

Did you know?

  • I’m an avid reader. I’ve read everything I can get my hands on since I was tiny – even labels!
  • I am the happy mum of 2 bilingual twins (and test my teaching skills on them 😉 ).
  • I love all forms of art (particularly Gaudí and Renoir) and I love to travel (I always joke that I only work so that I can travel!).
  • I used to be a professional volleyball player when I was young…er. That’s how I learnt that team play is paramount to hit a common target.

Looking for professionalism with personality? Sounds like we’re the perfect match.

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