Transform the spoken word into tangible text

Whether you need the transcript of a meeting for your annual report or you’re piecing together a series of video interviews for a new documentary, professional transcription ensures the smooth conversion of your content.

This service can go hand in hand with translation as a one-stop shop solution or stand alone to repurpose your material for a new audience.

Language pairs

  • English>Italian
  • French>Italian
  • Spanish>Italian
  • Italian > Italian

Need a different language? Get in touch to tap into my network of trusted colleagues.

Enlist an expert to avoid misleading subtitles, dubbing faux-pas and alienated audiences. In-depth knowledge of your original material, your aims and your target market shows an understanding of and investment in your customers, partners and stakeholders.

My specialist fields include:

  • Luxury and beauty
  • Hospitality and tourism
  • Marketing

I assess every project upfront and either confirm it or recommend a suitable colleague if it doesn’t fall within my areas of expertise.

Not what you’re looking for? Contact me with the details of your project.

I transcribe:

  • Media
  • Television
  • Digital audio
  • Video production
  • Interviews
  • Phone calls
  • Lectures
  • Speeches
  • Conference calls
  • Podcasts
  • Panel discussions
  • Documentaries

Every project is unique, but here’s a rough guide:

  • Transcription is usually calculated on a per minute basis
  • Fees factor in the audio/video quality, the number of speakers, etc.
  • 10 minutes of audio corresponds to around 1 hour of transcription
  • Transcription and proofreading of an audible, 10-minute basic audio file start at €100

If you’re looking for transcription alongside translation/transcreation, I’ll need a short brief including what you’ll be using the text for and I’ll compile a tailored quote for the project. I’d also be happy to assess an extract of your file.

Investing in professional transcription can be the difference between opening your message up to new, exciting audiences and pushing them further away.

Show your readers how much they matter.