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Martine Moretti is a great professional, helpful and dynamic in teaching and in planning the workload that she helps you to perform. She clears up uncertainties and is a good ``psychologist`` --she is able to give great motivation when in bad times--. Learning a new language within a few months seemed impossible to me but thanks to the support and the constant commitment of Martine Moretti everything was much simpler, and in a few months I achieved a good knowledge of the French language.

Giada T.
Lab technician

Martine is an excellent translator, very professional, highly knowledgeable and experienced, reliable and great to work with. I have used her services on a regular basis for many years and she has always delivered very high quality translations and always on time. I will definitely use her services again and can only recommend her.

Valérie L.
French freelance translator

We are very satisfied with the quality standard of her services in the fields of Finance, Investment & Economy, Consumer Products and Marketing & Copywriting, amongst others, from English and French into Italian.
Her proactive way of communicating is highly appreciated by project managers and internal linguists. She has a very professional attitude regarding response time and meeting the (sometimes very short) deadlines.
I can therefore give my best recommendations of Martine Moretti as a translator and reviser.

Emmanuelle N.
Project Manager(Belgian Translation Agency)

Martine is very responsive and meticulous. She cares about every detail and does not hesitate to ask the right questions. She is always on time and delivers high-quality translations. She's a pleasure to work with.

Laura S.
Project Manager
(French Translation Agency)

It was a pleasure to work with Martine. She reviewed our newsletter thoroughly and made useful suggestions for improvement. She was easy to reach and replied quickly when contacted.

I know where to find her if I need Italian translations/copywriting.

Lieselotte D.
Marketing Director (Direct customer company)

Since the beginning of our collaboration, about one year ago, Martine has performed several translations in the marketing and IT fields. Martine delivers good quality translations and stands out particularly for her deep dedication and commitment.

Orane S.
Project Manager
(French Translation Agency)

Very professional, responsive and friendly!

Jennifer S.
Project Manager(US Translation Agency)

Relire les textes écrits par Martine dans le domaine du luxe est agréable... son imagination et son humour transpercent les lignes du texte. Il s'agit d'un traducteur qui arrive à se mettre en communication avec son ``esprit italien`` sans dénaturaliser le message de la source. Grazie Martine!

Laura B.
Project Manager
(French Translation Agency)

I am very pleased to recommend the services of Moretti Translations. I can rely on Martine’s attention to detail in translating legal and compliance documents and her ability to work to tight timescales whilst remaining highly focused and efficient. Working in an international environment, accuracy is essential for me and I can be confident that Moretti Translations will provide this level of service. Thank you in particular, Martine, for your recent translations during these difficult times.

Alison M.
Head of International Legal Dept

I had the pleasure of working with Martine on financial translation projects. Martine has the qualities that make the difference in our business: a good style and an in-depth attention to details, thanks to her ability to thwart terminology issues. Not to mention a very nice personality, which made our collaborations very enriching and pleasant!

Romina C.
Freelance translator

It is always a pleasure to work with Martine. We have worked together on various creative translation tasks. Martine has always been very responsive and provides high quality work. I look forward to continuing our future collaboration!

Ruta Z.
Transcreation Project Manager (Uk Agency)

Martine is a unique professional and great to work with. Her translations are flawless, she takes care of the project in every detail and she is very meticulous. She analyses the text in every nuance and I really recommend her services. On-time, reliable, accurate, and filled with empathy towards the customer: Martine is a champion!

Raffaella L.
Freelance translator

I used Martine Moretti's services for the translation of marketing materials with a very specific and complex vocabulary, completely in line with our activity -- we really appreciated the quality of her work. The service has been performed with great reliability and responsiveness. Martine Moretti also values her customers’ feedback on the translations she carries out.

Clémence F.
Marketing Manager (French Firm)

Everything was perfect, you are extremely self-demanding and, for me, this is very reassuring. If you commit yourself to do something, you carry it out in the form and the terms you assessed --it's just perfect.
For me it was the perfect approach!

Francisco Javier R.
Marketing Manager (Spanish Firm)

We met Martine in an unconventional situation, as she supported us all through the organisation of our wedding ceremony in Rome.

From interpreting to supporting us in our dealings with the different Italian service providers, Martine was always responsive, meticulous and precise. Today, we use her skills again for a tough subject related to our wedding. With her attention to details, Martine does not hesitate to get directly in contact with the relevant offices in order to overcome issues and obstacles.

Simply put, her speed of execution and the quality of service she delivers are the major reasons why we really appreciate working ith her.
Thanks again Martine for your help!

Mathilde D.
Head of Travel
(French Firm)

We are very happy with the work of Martine Moretti, she is a very reliable and efficient freelancer. We will gladly continue working with her.

Julia H.
Project Manager
(Swiss Translation Agency)

I got in touch with Martine for the translation into English of our wine website, a tricky subject packed with technicalities.
She used an expert colleague in the oenology field, who carried out a top-notch translation.
Project Management-wise, I would stress the high livel of responsiveness to e-mails and the fast timeline. Human relationships-wise, I want to highlight the easy-to-reach and friendly attitude of Martine.

Chiara T.
Marketing ManagerWine producer

I regularly work with Martine on translation projects ---she is professional, meticulous, provides top-notch translations and is also very flexible and open-minded.

Madalena S.
Project Manager French Business Company

I have been working with Martine on French-Italian interpreting assignments for two years now and it is always a real pleasure.
Martine's professionalism and her joie de vivre allow me to train my clients in a good mood and the clients leave each time delighted with their training.
Martine is very reactive and knows how to make herself available.
Recently, I asked her to translate technical training documents. The work was impeccable!
If I need translations or interpreting services in Italian or Spanish I have no doubt, I call on Martine!

Cécile D.
Project Manager French Industrial Company