Avoid errors and ensure flawless content

Whether you have created the content yourself or outsourced the writing or translation stage, my eagled-eye revision will iron out any issues before it’s too late.

  • Prevents costly errors and damaged reputations
  • Maximises consistency across content
  • Demonstrates respect for your readers

Is your content really ready for its readers?

Pressing the all-important “Publish” button should be the final step in your project, not the start of hasty revisions to salvage a marketing campaign or product launch. Trust in my meticulous methods and never be rushed into changes again.

Language pairs

  • English>Italian
  • French>Italian
  • Spanish>Italian

Need something different? My network of trusted colleagues will be happy to help.

My specialist fields include:

  • Luxury and beauty
  • Hospitality and tourism
  • Marketing

What if your project doesn’t fall within my areas of expertise? Easy-peasy, I assess every project upfront and either confirm it or recommend a suitable colleague.

Not what you need?

Proofreading adds another step to your workflow and comprises a small addition to your budget, but your reputation is priceless.

Missing out this crucial stage might save a small amount in the short-term, but peace of mind that your content is the best it can be is worth its weight in gold in the long run.

Even if you handle your translations internally, enlisting a professional editor will ensure flawless content that reads smoothly and naturally.

Many of my clients initially hired me for proofreading, only to realise how much time and effort it saves them to have expert translations from the start.

Every project is unique, but here’s a rough guide:
1 hour of proofreading/editing — €50

My years of experience and comprehensive approach eradicate typos, formatting faux-pas and stylistic slip-ups to leave a precise, polished text that fulfils your goals and enhances your hard-earned reputation.

I work with SMEs and large groups alike to polish their press releases, pore over their printed materials and check that everything is how it should be.

Enlist a second pair of eyes for your carefully crafted content and make sure that your words are working hard.

Make an impact on your target market for the right reasons.