72.4%* of prospects are more likely to buy products or services marketed in their mother tongue

Breathing an Italian soul into your newest brochure's texts, adapting your latest ad campaign or translating your newsletters, slogans, blog posts.

Aim at doing business in Italy? Then, make your communication shine into Italian —it'll be the first step towards a happy ending in your
business endeavour.

I specialise in your field, which demands creative language and reader engagement.

Translation it’s not just a matter of words, it has a deep impact on the message as well.

This requires knowledge of potential cultural issues, linguistic expertise and understanding your brand identity (tone of voice, mission, vision, etc.).

If you need to prepare some marketing materials, to create the perfect pay-off or to adapt a slogan instead, I can help you with transcreation, the magic touch which draws on puns and cultural references in the original language to replicate the effect on the reader in a new country.

These often require substantial changes to the text, images and format to get the best possible result.

The thing is, a cultural reference can work wonders in French or English, but can mean nothing in Italian (just think about proverbs).

  • Translation
  • Terminology research (glossary creation, if required)
  • Internal proofreading before delivery
  • External proofreading/editing, if applicable

Don’t see what you are looking for? I am also part of a network of colleagues who can help you with other languages. Shoot me an e-mail!

  • Marketing, Corporate Communications, Advertising, Transcreation
  • Cosmetics, Wellness, Luxury
  • Tourism, Hospitality, Travel

Should your project fall outside these fields, shoot me an e-mail.  I’ll be happy to have a deeper look at it and suggest the most suitable colleague for your project, if applicable.

Every project is unique and the quote depends on its specific characteristics (technicity, pre-publication checks, deadline etc.).

Hence, the following pricing details are indicative.

Translation (about 250-300-words page) – from €65 ex VAT including translation, external editing (from a second trusted professional) and a final round of checks before publication, if applicable.

Transcreation is a very different task from translation. So please send me your text prior the estimate with a short description of your needs.

The flat rate will include

  • 1 Skype session
  • 3 transcreation options
  • 3 rationales (description & literal translation of the 3 proposals for you to assess the transcreation choices I made)
  • 2 reworking steps, if applicable

To give you a rough idea, my hourly rate for this service is €80 ex VAT.